• This is a comprehensive makeover for those who wish to incorporate current science and traditional wisdom into the art of nourishing their families with life enriching nutrition.

  • You will gain all the tools, tips and tricks that I have accumulated through years of study, research and good old life experience, to Create an Organised, Overwhelm Free, Kitchen.

  • Any dietary recommendations from your Naturopath, or other Health Care Practitioner, can be organised with ease.

  • At the completion of this makeover you will have:

gorgeous setting with cooking spices and herbs (bay leaves, chili powder, cloves, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, garam masala, paprika, piri piri, salt, turmeric) on a wooden mat (isolated on white background)

Pantry and Fridge
De-clutter and Restock

  • Complete pantry and fridge clean out.
  • Putting back the items that will serve you and tossing those that won't. This will leave you with a thorough understanding of what foods are of value and why.
  • Restocking with food items to ensure you have the best possible ingredients for low stress, high impact nutrition, ensuring your family will flourish.
  • A shopping list that will inspire and guide you to ease decision making, remove overwhelm and ensure confident food choices.

Allow 4 hours.

As a guide:

Fresh ingredients will be a weeks worth of locally sourced organic/bio-dynamic vegetables and fruit for a family of 5 five for a week. Plus organic free range grass fed beef, lamb, and chicken. Seafood is also optional and would be wild caught, deep sea fish.

All dry ingredients will be sourced from Changing Habits and are foods that are organic, sustainable, ethical and trusted.

Menu Plan

Ensuring Low Stress, High Impact Nutrition for Your Family Everyday ...

  • Designed to eliminate decision fatigue, you will know what is on the menu every day, you will have a shopping list that will ensure no frustration from missing ingredients, and you will save an enormous amount of time from the simple act of being beautifully organized.
  • Incorporating any recommended dietary requirements whilst maintaining a philosophy of real, seasonal, organic foods.
  • A two week menu plan that can be rotated throughout the current season, and updated as the seasons change.
  • This package will include a comprehensive assessment of your dietary requirements, individual request and gathering favourite meal ideas from each member of the household, to ensure everyone is happy. (NB these meals will possibly requiring some tweaking to ensure the meals are serving their purpose of nourishing you and your family).
  • I will then specifically tailor a menu for your family, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks. This will include a shopping list and suggestions for where you can easily source everything you need ensuring low stress, high impact nutrition for you and your family every day.

Please allow 1-2 hours for an in home consultation.

Your menu will be delivered within 5 working days.

Rustic silverware

Let's Shop!

  • Need some guidance with negotiating the supermarket ... lets go!
  • Want to feel confident about food choices ... can do!
  • What is that .... in the health food store ... all will be crystal clear!
  • Which salt?
  • Which sugar?
  • Which fat?
  • Which pasta?
  • Which beverage?
  • Which oils?
  • Which milk?
  • Which grains?   etc. etc. etc.


In Home Cooking Lesson/Demonstration

  • Now it is time to put it all together ....
  • We can put together your meals for the week ahead ... how good does that sound?? A weeks worth of nourishing, life enriching meals all prepared a week in advance. You will now be able to arrive home feeling confident and organized .... no more overwhelm and a whole lot less stress ...
  • Or I can do just a couple of meals to get you started, maybe a bone broth, a delicious pasta sauce and a soup .... oh and definitely some chocolate!
  • There is plenty of flexibility here to tailor an experience specific to your requirements. 


Woman slice zucchini on wooden table near window. Rustic style.

Cost: $1850 (payable in instalments).   Find out more >