Smoothie Bowl – without a blender!

Smoothie bowls have certainly become a ‘thing’ in cafes. I have been making my own version as a meal, usually a quick lunch, or a snack. Unlike the cafe version which actually has a smoothie base which requires blending, I make mine with everything except the liquid, so no blender required! Oh, and mine doesn’t look as pretty but it think it tastes better! Here is what it looks like ….


Natural Yoghurt or Coconut Yoghurt/Kafir – 3-4 Desert Spoons
Goji berries13619826_1077075442358170_7181208281762247711_n
Coconut flakes
Chia Seeds
Cacao nibs
Banana – sliced
Maple Syrup


Put yoghurt of choice in a bowl
Sprinkle toppings of choice on top – using above as inspiration
Slice a banana on top (or fruit of choice, organic berries would be nice)
Drizzle with maple syrup


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