Healthy Happy Families 101 – First Steps to Change for Low Stress, High Impact Nutrition!


60% of death in the world today is a result of diet related disease, that means that over half the world are feeding themselves to death!

It is understandable therefore, that mothers are facing a tsunami of overwhelm in this most vital of roles. In times gone by the knowledge of how to nourish our families to optimize and protect their health was passed down through the generations, from grandmother to mother to child. Unfortunately, this most crucial of skills has now been lost by many. We have been lured out of our kitchens with the promise of fast, cheap, easy, highly processed foods, so as mothers we need to be seduced back into the kitchen where we can fulfil the absolute privilege of feeding our families life supporting, nutritious, real foods that quite frankly, have the power to change a generation.

Whether you call it life purpose, being in the flow, or your life’s work, it all comes down to finding a passion that can transform your life and with luck, the lives of those you love …

My life purpose has evolved over many years surrounding my family and my love of beautiful, life enriching nutrition. Having been fortunate enough to have had a number of immensely proud moments in my life, namely graduating as a Naturopath in 1999, and more recently becoming a Changing Habits Nutrition Graduate, there is one more feat that will never be celebrated with a graduation night, a certificate, nor with financial reward, I feel however that my greatest triumph is being a mother to four vibrant healthy kids. As women I think the divine privilege of being a mother is often an overlooked and undervalued achievement that we should be embracing with absolute pride and passion. I feel now more than ever, that this is a role that rivals all others in importance.

With Current statistics stating:

• That by 2025 80% of people will be obese or overweight and that half of all children will be autistic …
• That 74 people are being diagnosed with diabetes every day …
• That 40,000 Australian children are on antidepressants and anti-psychotics …
• That our children and grandchildren will have at least one child, and sometimes up to ten children, in their class with a life threatening food allergy that 30 years ago was essentially unheard of …
• … and what is horrifying beyond comprehension is that we are seeing a generation of children who are predicted to die before their parents.

So Where To From Here?

Through my Healthy Happy Families 101 – First Steps to Change course, I am offering a highly supportive, inspiring, educational foundation, to modern mothers using a combination of current science and traditional wisdom. You will leave this course with all that you need to bring Low Stress, High Impact Nutrition into your home. This 6 week course has been compiled in conjunction with Changing Habits, whose founder Cyndi O’Meara has been at the forefront of sound nutritional advice in Australia for more that 30 years.

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To learn more follow this link Healthy Happy Families 101 for a comprehensive look at what you will learn.

It would be a great honour to be a part of your journey, so I hope you will join me and others in your community, in creating this awesome foundation of health for generations to come.

Edwina Murphy-Droomer

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