Day One – Phase Two

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To be clear, for those who are not familiar with the Four Phase Fat Elimination Protocol, Phase One is called the Loading Phase which is when you load up on great natural fats. This process is designed to stop you from feeling too hungry during the couple of days it takes for the HCG drops to start kicking in. I completed these two days over the weekend, loading up on yummies like coconut, avocado’s, chia, nuts, macadamia and olive oil and enjoying the fat left on my steak and chicken.

So this morning for me is Day 1 of Phase Two which is the Core Phase. This phase can last anywhere from 13 – 43 days depending on how much weight you need to loose. Even if you haven’t lost all your required extra weight you will need to end phase two by 43 days and give your body a break. I am hoping to achieve what I need to within 21 days, giving myself a little leniency as apparently the last 5 kg are the hardest to loose. We will see.

So today I started with the required HCG drops straight after rising. I then weighed in, this showed me that I have 6.8 kg to shed. 1/8th of a teaspoon of good salt followed by a super sized glass of warm water, about 600 ml, with a tablespoon of good quality apple cider vinegar added (you will get used to this!), was next. This was followed up by the usual routine of making breakie and lunches for the kids, peeling them out of bed, and getting them off to school.

After the chaos died down I enjoyed a 30 minute walk, followed by some super greens and a colloidal mineral supplement. I then had a cup of frozen blueberries which were so good on a hot morning.

Lunch was at 12 – consisting of steak, zucchini ribbons, sauerkraut, tomato and a pile of lettuce with a splash of apple cider vinegar as dressing. Yum! FPFEP Image 1

HCG drops at 2pm and an apple at 3pm.

Dinner was actually a repeat of lunch as I hadn’t done the shopping!


So how do I feel?

Fine! Definitely feeling a little hungry, but nothing stressful. I actually think it is important to remind myself that feeling hungry is OK! We are so conditioned to go into a slight panic at the thought of being hungry. I am especially guilty of this with the kids, which I guess is exactly where this mindset begins. It is actually great to establish the habit of not eating until you feel genuinely hungry. This is after all your bodies signal that you need to fuel up sometime soon, but certainly not to go into a panic and grab for the closest item resembling food, as if some sort of emergency is at hand. Remember …. it is OK to feel hungry – actually embrace it for short periods of time!

Biggest frustration for the day was realizing that I forgot to get some Jojoba which I will use as a moisturiser …. Poop! Jojoba oil mimics the skin’s natural oils and penetrates deep into the skin, but what makes it great for the purposes of this protocol is that Jojoba is actually a wax, this means it won’t be adding to your fat intake like an oil based moisturiser would. It works a treat, I love it!


  1. Keep drinking plenty of water throughout the day
  2. Depending on your chosen routine for taking the drops, set an alarm in your phone to remind yourself. I take mine 1st thing in the morning, at 2 pm, and then again at bedtime. I have a permanent alarm now set on my phone to remind me at 2 pm, as this is when I am most likely to forget.
  3. As the drops are homoeopathic it is best to take them at least 15 mins either side of food or brushing your teeth.
  4. Don’t forget to stock up on Jojoba!
  5. Embrace the feeling of taking control of your own health, it is the ultimate gift!

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