Dietary Guidelines That Make Food Choices EASY.

Don’t be confused by endless contradictory ‘latest’ studies, nor by misleading dietary guideline. Here are some guidelines that won’t let you down.


1. If you can’t pronounce it, DON’T EAT IT.


This is a phrase coined by Michael Pollan, and as he summed it up so neatly, I won’t try and improve on it.

Simply put

*Don’t eat food with more than five ingredients, or with ingredients you can’t pronounce, or that contain high-fructose corn syrup (which serves as a ‘marker’ indicating that the food is highly processed).

*Eat only food that you have cooked, or could cook.

*Eat only food that your great, great grandmother would recognize as food.


There is always an exception…who knew how to pronounce Quinoa (keenwhaa) the first time they saw it? LOL

2. If it came out of a laboratory rather than out of nature, DON’T EAT IT.


Strawberry Flavouring is just one example of a flavouring that can be listed on a product claiming it is ‘all natural’ but actually contains, NO STRAWBERRIES, surprise!. Click the link below for an example of exactly what is in Strawberry Flavouring .


3. If it has had its genetics tampered with, DON’T EAT IT.


Genetically modified food is just plain scary stuff folks. I wrote a blog about this not so long ago. If you missed it, follow this link to have a read So What Are GMO’s?

David Suzuki does an awesome job of explaining things a little more in this YouTube clip, do yourself a favour and make time to check it out. Great Explanation of GMO or GE technology.

I also think it is worth noting that GM crops have been banned in numerous countries, the list is continuing to grow as the alarm bells are being sounded. Japan, New Zealand, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, and Scotland are among the countries taking heed of the wishes of their people, and making intelligent decision based on the lack of science behind the consequences of genetically modified foods.

4. If it has been sprayed with proven carcinogens, obesogens, and endocrine disruptor’s,  DON’T EAT IT.

Unfortunately broad-spectrum pesticides are some of the cheapest chemicals in Australia costing only A$1.50 per hectare to apply in grain crops, making them an obvious choice for many farmers. These issues in themselves are challenging to manage not to mention the cost to human health and wildlife (1)One of the nastiest chemicals that has been spread far and wide is Glyphosate, otherwise know as Round-up. Glyphosate is now a known human carcinogen, and yes folks, this is what is being sprayed generously all over GM crops. yum! yum!


5. If it is labelled low fat, DON’T EAT IT.


Grrrr this makes me so cross. This ridiculous message has been so well marketed that it has now become dogma. Any product that has had the fat removed, has had sugar added. Why you ask? Because fat is tasty and with the fat taken out you are left with something akin to eating cardboard, so to make it appetizing they add sugar. Let me clear. YOU NEED FAT. However….. not all fats are equal. You need natural fat, not highly processed ‘vegetable oil’ and trans fats. For further info on this check out  Some Facts On Fat!


6. If some terribly highly qualified simpleton tries to convince you they can produce a far healthier version of something that nature produced, DON’T BELIEVE THEM.


Case in point, Butter or Margarine. If you are still eating margarine STOP.

Butter is a natural food recognized by the body and utilized appropriately. Margarine is chemical muck that is one ingredient short of being plastic. Your body does not recognized this as food and it will most likely make you sick.


7. If it came from nature, has not been processed, fortified or otherwise stuffed with, you can feel safe that you are on the right track. YIPEEE!

Enough said.


I promise it’s not rocket science folks, just eat real food. Don’t rely on Dietary Guidelines that have to be updated because they are wrong. Don’t rely on your GP for nutritional advice, except in exceptional circumstances, they are NOT trained in nutrition and for the most part are relying on badly written food guidelines. Rely on nature, and rely on your body. Your body will tell you if you are eating the wrong thing. I PROMISE, that if you are overweight it is not because you don’t exercise enough, it is because you are eating foods that are inflaming your body. And no that is not a reason not to exercise, exercise is vital to health however, it will not have a great influence on your weight. Yes I know, Shock Horror! ‘Energy In V/S Energy Out’ is yet another great myth, so you can stop counting calories RIGHT NOW. Phew, surely that will make you smile!




By Edwina Murphy


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