Your Divine Purpose

The further from the truth


The uncomfortable truth is that the Agricultural and Pharmaceutical companies are the biggest, most profitable, and therefore the most powerful industries in the world today. These are the companies that are slowly but surely destroying not only our health, but the health of our planet.

To make truly educated decisions you must look further than mainstream media. Australian media ownership has been described as one of the most concentrated in the world. For example, 11 of the 12 capital city daily papers are owned by either News Corp Australia or Fairfax Media. (

Did you know that companies pay to get the 'healthy tick of approval' on their products? And that The Australian Dieticians Association is heavily sponsored by several massive food companies, with a vested interest in promoting their own agenda, e.g. Nestle. This explains their vile attacks on people like Chef Pete Evans, who's only real agenda is to get people eating vital, unprocessed, real food.

Any companies that vigilantly promote immune destructive forces such glyphosate, GMO's, and mass vaccinations (regardless of the immune status of the individual), should be viewed with enormous scepticism.

The agricultural industry designed the Food Pyramid that has been responsible for untold damage to the health of our society for generations. (Death by Food Pyramid ).Even until 2015, these lies were still being taught to our children in schools.

We are all being bombarded with endlessly conflicting information, which I know can be truly overwhelming when trying to do the best thing, by not only our own health, but also by the health of our families. To cut through the confusion look to what nature provides. We have evolved to eat what our planet provides us, not to eat products scientifically engineered to look like food.

Our bodies are innately intelligent, and if fed the right foods we have the ability to be vitally healthy, without the need for pharmaceutical intervention. The discovery of antibiotics was indeed an enormous success story, they have been responsible for saving countess lives. However due to relentless promotion by pharmaceutical companies to Dr's, and the perks that came with selling vast quantities of these drugs, we are now facing a situation where antibiotics are often no longer doing the job that they were intended for. The same situation is happening with diseases that we vaccinate against, these viruses are simply adapting and becoming more virulent. Lets use the medically industry as it was intended, and that is for crisis care, and just in case there is any doubt, for the VAST MAJORITY the flu is not a crisis! It is uncomfortable, it is inconvenient, but it is OK. You will get over it if your body is fed what it needs to do its job .....

IT IS YOUR BODIES MOST PRESSING DESIRE TO KEEP YOU HEALTHY AND ALIVE ........ IT IS YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE to support it in doing this. Feed it vital, real, unprocessed, chemical free foods. Move your body. Give yourself time in nature. You will be rewarded.

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