Leptin – The Master Hormone

LEPTIN. Its role in Fat, Energy and Wellbeing.

To explain to you what leptin is and how vital it is to your health, let’s use an analogy. Consider what living things require to grow, function and survive. By living things I mean plants and animals (humans). For the sake of this discussion let’s compare a tree and a human. A tree has its roots in the ground 100% of the time and its canopy up in the atmosphere 100% of the time. The tree is therefore permanently connected to the earth’s magnetic field and only needs the sun and water to grow. A human on the other hand is designed to move across the earth so is not connected to the earth or the sun 100% of the time. For this reason evolution gave us a back-up system, fat. The cycle of making, breaking, storing and mobilizing fats is at the core of how humans and all animals regulate their energy. Leptin is made in fat cells and leptin controls fat.

As you may or may not know, all living organisms are influenced by the earth’s magnetic field, how much sun/light is present in the day and how strong that sun/light is. This is called circadian biology. Leptin in our bodies is directly tied to circadian signalling in the environment. Leptin is the master hormone and determines how all the other hormones work in the body. This is why Leptin our single most important hormone.

To make energy PLANTS use sunlight, magnetism and water, whereas HUMANS use sunlight, magnetism, water and food.

So What is Leptin Resistance and What are the Consequences?

To put it simply, Leptin resistance is when the body is producing leptin but the brain can’t see it, therefore the brain thinks you are starving. As a result your body will increase energy storage (store fat), and conserve energy use (feel lethargic).

To help clarify let’s use another analogy. If the fuel gage in your car is broken you would be constantly filling up with fuel because there would be nothing to tell you how much fuel you are carrying. When you have Leptin resistance the same thing is happening in your body, so you will continue to eat because the body can’t decipher how much fuel you have already.

The obvious consequences of leptin resistance are obesity and fatigue. However due to the influence of leptin in all areas of the body the consequences can be much further reaching with ties to Type 2 Diabetes, Hashimoto’s, Infertility, many other Auto Immune Diseases, and Cancer.

When discussing treatments with your health care provider, I would suggest looking at strategies to decrease insulin resistance, and reducing triglyceride levels as these both play a role in interfering with leptin. The most effective treatments involve diet and exercise, so ensure this is part of your treatment discussion.

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