Question MarksThis is possibly the most divisive subject in the health care world at the moment. The fact that it incites such massive responses, from both sides of the debate, is a very strong indicator that there is a great deal of fear involved. Fear that is understandable, considering the coverage in the media, regarding herd immunity and the implications of the removal of choice from parents as to whether or not to vaccinate our children.

At this point I would like to be clear that my stance is very much in the camp of Pro-data, Pro-truth, and Pro-choice. This is not a purely black and white issue. What I am conscious of is the very biased coverage by mainstream media. Why this is should certainly be considered. I have been researching and debating this subject for the past 15 years, and in that time my opinions have ebbed and flowed and I can insure you, as a parent, I have at time agonised over decisions made. In the end the only advice I will give you is to trust your gut.

If we look at the health of our children it is not hard to see reason for alarm. The rise of disease has been extraordinary. Allergies, asthma, digestive disorders, ADHD, obesity, diabetes and autism are escalating at epidemic proportions.

We are seeing huge numbers of children being born with compromised immune systems, why? (This is another subject in itself). If when these children are born they are injected with strongly immune challenging vaccines it is no wonder we are seeing some devastating reactions. According to Dr Natasha Campbell-Mcbride “it is the state of our immune systems that are the problem, not so much the vaccines”. “Vaccinations, which saved the lives of millions of children world-wide in the last century, are becoming dangerous thanks to changes in our life styles. The number of immune-compromised children in developed countries is enormous and growing every day. It is time for the medical profession and governments to review their attitude to vaccinations. The rule to vaccinate everybody has to change.”[1] Dr McBride puts forward the suggestion that a comprehensive immunological survey should be performed on every baby before a decision about vaccination is made.

  1. A questionnaire to assess the health history of the parents and the infant.
  2. A comprehensive stool and urine analysis to assess any risk of gut dysbiosis in the baby.
  3. A test to assess the infant’s immune status.

There is also a strong argument to administer single vaccines only rather than combined vaccines. In immune compromised children the assault of receiving exposure to up to 3 immune stressors at one time is simply unmanageable and catastrophic life altering consequences result.

We have to remember that vaccines are commercial products that are making pharmaceutical companies vast profits.

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  1. Found it! Great article Edwina, thank you :))

    Wouldn’t it be so ideal to turn the tide so more can be done about seeing where the mum & Bub are with their individual level(microbial) etc as Dr Natasha says? A simplistic for and against way of helping parents empower themselves to look and seek information to make informed choices.

    Anyway, enjoy your learning today at the Wellness Summit, a pleasure to meet you and although had no where near enough time to chat – until next time.

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