So What Are GMO’s

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So what are GMO’s?

Genetic Modified Organism or Genetic Engineering (GE) is a form of biotechnology that allows scientists to move genes between different species. For example, scientists have put spider genes into goats in the hope that they can milk them and use the protein to make bullet proof vests [1]. Using various laboratory techniques, scientists can create life forms that could not occur naturally. The ability of scientists to mix and match across species and kingdoms is technology that defies the laws of nature.

Currently GMO’s are being used to produce two types of crops.

  • Firstly herbicide-tolerant crops which are genetically engineered to resist herbicides that farmers spray on the crop to kill weeds, namely glyphosate, commonly known as Roundup. These represent 80% of GE crops.

The World Health Organisation’s cancer agency has declared the world’s most widely used weedkiller – glyphosate – a “probable human carcinogen” in a move that will alarm the agrochemical industry and amateur gardeners. [2]

  • Secondly are BT crops, these are genetically engineered to produce their own pesticide to kill certain insect pests. These represent 20% of GE crops.

The latest research reveals that BT toxins are turning up in pregnant women and killing human embryo cells and unborn babies. Where did these toxins come from? The only possible explanation is that they came from man-manipulated genetically-modified BT crops. Nothing else in the world can spread them to humans. [3]

WOW …… surely scientist and government officials aren’t going to be releasing GE technologies without being sure it’s a good thing ….. are they?

There are a multitude of credible scientific studies that clearly demonstrate why GMOs should not be consumed, and more are emerging every year. There are also a number of scientists all around the world who oppose them [4]. There has been insufficient research to ensure the safety of GMO’s. GMO’s have been put in our food supply despite the fact that there is good research to show harmful side effects. This is why I cannot see any advantage to having GMO’s being grown anywhere in the world at this time.

The BT corn is a bacterium that kills insects by putting holes in their stomach, and has now been proven to do the same in the cells in humans. This has been linked to many diseases ranging from gastrointestinal disorders, leaky gut, and various autoimmune diseases.

The herbicide-tolerant crops are being heavily sprayed with Roundup, the main ingredient of which is glyphosate. Glyphosate, which is not only being spayed over crops, but is also being used as a ripening agent, has been shown to kill the beneficial bacteria in our gut, suppress digestive enzymes and effects the microvilli. This is just a small number of the verified side-effects of having this toxin in our food supply.



So how do we go about avoiding these foods?

Look for foods labelled non-GMO and familiarize yourself with companies that are choosing to avoid the use of GMO’s e.g. . Buying organic produce where ever possible is a great option. You can download a non-GMO shopping guide off the internet that will make it easier for you when in the supermarket e.g. .


Following is a Youtube video by David Suzuki who is a geneticist with unquestionable credibility. Please watch and share with others as this is a topic to important to ignore.










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